Main Cast

Following are few of the main cast of the movie ‘Dear White People’, along with a bit about their background:

Samantha ‘Sam’ White played by Tessa Thompson
Her full name is Tessa Lynne Thompson and she’s a musician and actress of American origin. Tessa plays the role of Sam White in the movie ‘Dear White People’ and is the protagonist of the film.
Apart from Dear White People, she had played the role of Jackie Cook in the famous television film Veronica Mars, civil rights activist Diane Nash in the movie Selma, Nyla Adrose in For Colored Girls, Camille Travis in Grey’s anatomy, Lainey Jefferson in Mental and many more.

Lionel Higgins played by Tyler James Williams
Tyler plays the role of Lionel in ‘Dear White People’, an aspiring journalist who is gay by sexual orientation. He is given the responsibility of writing a piece on the experience of African-American students in the Winchester University, for the school’s prestigious student paper. Tyler James Williams is an American musician, martial artist, rapper and actor. He’s the same guy who plays the role of Chris Rock in the popular sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. Some of his other notable roles are that of Charlie Goldfinch in Unaccompanied Minors, Simon in Tyler Perry Presents Peeples, Kenji Simon in The Cleaner and many more.

Colandrea ‘Coco’ Conners played by Teyonah Parris
Coco is another African-American student studying in the Winchester University. She aspires to be a reality TV star someday and is jealous of Sam White as the latter is the favorite of a reality TV producer that she’s trying to impress. Apart from her notable performance in ‘Dear White People’, Teyonah Parris is wel-known for her roles of Dawn Chambers in Mad Men, Melinda Gossett in The Good Wife, Karen Branston in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and many more.

Troy played by Brandon P Bell
Troy is the son of Winchester University’s Dean and the ex-boyfriend of protagonist Sam White in ‘Dear White People’. He’s an aspiring comedy writer in the movie, who has no option but to give into his father’s ambitious goals for him. Born in Dallas, Texas, USA, Brandon’s other notable performances are in Mission Impossible III (2006) and Hollywood Heights (2012).

Kurt Fletcher played by Kyle Gallner
Kurt is the fair-skinned son of Winchester school’s President who is the brains behind the Blackface theme for their annual party, which causes an uproar among the African-American students. Played by Kyle Gallner, the character has great significance in the movie. Kyle is an American actor born on October 22, 1986. Some of his other notable performances are that of Reed Garrett in CSI: NY, Quentin Smith in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Zach in The Walking Dead, Winston in American Sniper, Raleigh in Third Watch, Josh in Touched by an Angel and many more.