Dear White People, a widely acclaimed movie was released in October 2014. It was a satire about being an African-American person in a society of predominantly fair-skinned people. Its tickets were commonly available in all major US theatres upon its release and many people went, saw and appreciated the film.

Movies have always been an outing that families and friends have indulged in to bond with each other and spend a good time whenever they feel like. However, ticket prices have lately jumped to their highest average ever, leading to a debate whether movie watching is still an affordable getaway for friends and families.

Generally, the movie ticket prices hover around $8 during the weekdays, with the Saturday night ticket prices climbing up to anywhere between $ 15 and $ 20 mark. Add another $ 20 for giant soft drinks and pricey popcorn, and a dinner before/after the movie, and you get a weekend date night for around $100 to $ 150. Although it’s natural for a large number of moviegoers to complain about the rising ticket prices, whenever a movie like Dear White people comes along that provides quality entertainment, there’s nothing to complain!

All in all, where else do you think you can spend $9 per person for two straight hours in the United States and have an amazing time! It is natural to feel ripped off if the movie isn’t good. But one like Dear White people is worth every penny spent on it!